Paul Pack(non-registered)
Just wanted to say hello and God bless to one Paul Pack from another Paul Pack
Rebecca A Johnson(non-registered)
Thank you for the great job you do and as always I LOVE LOVE your pics!!!
The pics from Angie & Walts wedding were GREAT!!!
Ken Geiger(non-registered)
You recently spoke to my daughter at the Lex/Holdrege 7th grade basketball game and took some pics of my youngest daughter playing. I would like to see these for possibly buying them . Her number on the Holdrege team is 74 Caitlyn Geiger. Thanks .
Thank you for spending time with our family last Sat. - the 26th! You got some great pictures despite the very windy day! Thank you so much! (I love the spontaneous pictures you took - they are so fun!)
Great photo's Paul! I love that you got this site. You have always been so generous with sharing your talent, this is just a new way to do it. Great site buddy!
sue may(non-registered)
Would you happen to have colored pictures of the windmills you took???
Michele L (Randolph) Stickley(non-registered)
I love your work always have. Would you be interested in doing some family pics for us? Would love to have some great pics to give to grandparents and family...
Kristi M.(non-registered)
I love your work! It is very inspiring.
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